VERMARI supplies technologically advanced components with outstanding properties, which not only make our frames extremely strong and resistant to harmful external factors, but also exceptionally light.
    A high-quality thermoplastic material exceptionally resistant to stretching and bending, very light, non-allergenic and very strong.
    A material with a high hardness coefficient characterized by thermoplasticity, lightness as well as resistance to scratches and fractures.
    A revolutionary aluminium alloy characterised by high strength. Frames made of this material are very light.
  • NYLON 66 (PA66)
    This polyamide is distinguished by its exceptional strength in a wide range of temperatures as well as chemical resistance to many substances and compounds causing corrosion.
  • TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer)
    TPEE is a material with properties similar to rubber, highly flexible in a wide range of temperatures, elastic, with high thermal and chemical resistance.