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Welcome to the world of Vermari
Since the beginning of ouractivity, we have been in the business of designing and selling sunglasses. Owing to the high quality of the products we offer, our commitment to constant development, and excellent level of customer service we have achieved a stable position on the market and won the trust of many regular customers. In order to assure further development, as well as to meet the requirements of our customers, we have created a new product line of glasses called VARMARI SPORT, which, thanks to the design and production technology we applied, provide unlimited possibilities of perfect vision.
Vermari sport
Our sunglasses are produced in the world’s best factories, under constant supervision of expertly qualified professionals, thus assuring compliance with the most demanding standards of quality. In those factories, the most advanced technologies,as well as high quality materials possessing excellent properties areemployed to create perfectly functional sunglasses, exceptionally light, assuring the maximum comfort of vision and superb reliability.

We offer lenses which feature the highest quality of polarization (TAC polarization) – eliminating unwanted reflections and considerably improving the clarity of vision; as well as polycarbonate lenses – the most technologically advanced sports accessory, thin lenses exceptionally resistant to scratching or other damage.
All models of sunglasses are sold with spectacle cases and a two-year warranty.
Vermari means
VERMARI SPORT are superb sunglasses, suitable for many sports disciplines and meeting various demands. If you are a sportsman or a person who likes to spend leisure time actively, you will surely appreciate the featuresof Vermari sport sunglasses and their exceptional benefits.